For the last two months, we have taken many steps to protect our patients from COVID-19. Not the least of which was the conversion of most of our office visits to telemedicine visits. While these "virtual" visits enabled us to provide continuity of care during the height of the pandemic, as the prevalence of the virus eases it is crucial to resume office visits to detect important findings on physical examination. To this end, we will begin to welcome patients back into the office starting on May 18, 2020.

We do realize that you may have concerns, but be assured that we have implemented strict guidelines to provide you with a safe office environment for your health care. We will have the following measures in place:

  • Check in from your vehicle  there will be no waiting in the waiting room, you will be called when an exam room is ready and escorted directly to the room.
  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entry to the office  you will be asked about symptoms and have a non-contact temperature taken prior to entry.
  • Check out prior to leaving the exam room  you will have your follow up appointment scheduled by phone and all paperwork provided without stopping at the front desk.
  • Social distancing  All office staff will observe these guidelines whenever possible depending upon your treatment needs. Please do not bring companions to your visit unless absolutely medically necessary for your assistance.
  • Face coverings  All office staff will be wearing face masks while in the office. Please assist us by wearing a face mask or cloth face covering when on the premises.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting  Handwashing and sanitizing will be enforced throughout the office. All surfaces and examination rooms will be routinely and thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.

As we have previously advised, please wait for our staff to contact you regarding upcoming appointments. This limits the volume of incoming calls so that patients with urgent issues or medical personnel can reach us. While we are confident that the measures that we are taking in our office will ensure your safety while you continue your important routine medical care, we do realize that there are situations where "virtual visits" remain preferable to office visits. Please notify our staff at the time of your confirmation call if a telemedicine visit is needed.

Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld
Dr. Shari Mintz
Dr. Swati Sharma